We at Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, follow CBSE New Delhi.

Teaching at Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School is student-centered, project-based, and incorporates the multiple intelligence concept. While the general curriculum is followed by every student, he or she is also encouraged to develop talents and interests in personal areas of academic interest, and in sport, theater music and dance, for which facilities are outstanding.
“Technology is extensively used as a learning tool at Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, Budni. The controlled-temperature environment is ideal for relaxed and purposeful study. There are first class Science facilities, a spacious Library-Media-Center and well-equipped studios for Art and Craft-Design-Technology.”

Our curriculum manifests the importance of integration and the development of the child in all dimensions viz. spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. Our curriculum includes quality in education, children with special needs, literacy and numeracy, a sense of national and international identity, the spiritual dimensions, equality and fairness of access, science education, ICT.

It is a skill-based curriculum, served by many excellent textbooks and resources, with its own testing mechanism.